Drug Sentence For Drug Possession

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Sentences for Drug Possession
The war on drugs is a never ending viscous cycle. The United States of America spends more than fifty one billion dollars annually on drug related issues (Drug Policy). Sending someone to a prison for drug possession is irrational. Instead of going to prison, the convicted felon should be sent to a rehabilitation center to get help to fight their addiction. This would be cheaper and more effective towards solving the ongoing drug problem in the United States of America. After a series of daily drug tests done over a period of time, the workers can determine if the convict is ready to be released from the rehabilitation center. Their sentence length would be based on their recovery process. The premise would be the faster you recover, the sooner you could get out. Should people be sent to prison for drug possession charges?
Sending someone to prison for such a miniscule crime has way too many repercussions. It costs the United States more money to keep you in a cell than it does to get you help. According to the New York Times, “The city paid $167,731 to feed, house, and guard each inmate last year.” This cost a lot more money than the $60,000 fee for a high end well known established rehabilitation program for up to 90 days (Addiction Center). Based on that rehabilitation process, majority of patients shouldn’t take longer than 90 days in rehab, but would still continue with extended outpatient therapy programs. This would still be more cost
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