Drugs Should Be Banned For Professional Sports

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Drug Use In Sports
Ninety-eight percent of professional athletes say that they would take performance enhancing drugs if they didn’t have a chance of getting caught. Performance enhancing drugs, or PEDs, or steroids, have been around since 776 BC when the Greeks would use them to improve their performance in the Olympic Games. During World War II, the Germans, including Hitler, would take steroids to make themselves stronger and more aggressive. The Americans, British, and Japanese also began to use steroids during World War II shortly after Germany. After the war, athletes started to get their hands on these drugs and began to use them to boost their performance. More recently, athletes such as bicyclist, Lance Armstrong and baseball player, Alex Rodriguez have been caught using performance enhancers. While there are some people that believe performance enhancing drugs should be illegal in professional sports, some say they should be legal because using the drugs should be the athlete 's decision, not someone else’s and steroid use could possibly even make the sport more fair than it is today.
Athletes in professional sports should be allowed to make their own decision whether or not to use performance enhancers. “If athletes prefer the gains in performance allegedly provided by the use of steroids” and they understand that there is a chance that the steroids could have a negative effect on their bodies then “what gives anyone the right to interfere with their choice?”

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