Drugs in Popular Culture

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Academic Writing & Presentation Word Count: 1099 The Relationship between marijuana use amongst teenagers and the popularity of West Coast Rap Music Introduction Marijuana has been around for hundreds of years and the use of marijuana has been becoming more and more popular especially among teenagers (Lee, 2012). Music has also been around for a very long period of time, in a vast aray of genres. What has changed in music however, is the references to drugs (specifically marijuana) especially in rap music. Marijuana references in rap music have increased by 27% percent from 1979 to 1997 (Herd, 2008). Since the main audience for rap music are teenagers, listening to this music can have a possible effect on teenager’s substance …show more content…

Henry found that music does have an effect on substance use. In a study done in 2013 they found that an elevated popular music involvement is a risk factor with respect to teenager’s substance use behavior. More specifically, Chen et al. (2006) found a relationship between teens who listen to rap music and the use of marijuana. This study included asking teenagers about their music preferences and whether they had used marijuana or not. This study was conducted through an anonymous survey. The results of this study showed that teens who listened to rap music on a regular basis were more likely to use marijuana during their teenage years. In a study done by Vuolo et al. (2013) they used a survey based in New York to question teenagers about their music preference. Questions about the use of marijuana were also asked. The results of this study found that the teens who preferred listening to Hip-Hop and rap were 87% more likely to use marijuana than the teens that listened to alternative rock and pop music. Slater (2013), Chen et al. (2006), and Vuolo et al. (2013) all show that music can have an effect on substance use. This shows that when teenagers listen to music where drugs, marijuana for example, are glorified, it can have an effect on their use of this drug. Marijuana use amongst teenagers increased drastically from the 70’s to the late 90’s according to a continuous study done by Keyes et al. (2011). This study was conducted on a total

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