Dumbcane Stem Extract as Rodenticide or Black Rats

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Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia seguine) Stem Extract as a Rodenticide for Black Rats (Rattus rattus) PROPONENTS: Dolino, Alma Gubalane, Delsan Miquiabas, Cheryl Telen, Nikol IV- Einstein Mrs. Lalaine Biboso Research II Adviser ABSTRACT Black rats are pests and are dangerous to humans in several ways. These species are also famous for its role in spreading the dreaded bubonic plague that took billions of lives in the Middle Ages. To control them, chemical rodenticides are used but these chemicals often destroy our environment and health, and may lead to death of non-targeted organisms and even human poisoning. Dumb cane contains calcium oxalate crystals that cause the poisoning. Thus it was the concern of the study to determine whether the …show more content…

Significance of the Study This study will help people get rid of rats that are quiet a nuisance to the householders and even transmit some dreaded diseases. This will also help lessen the use of commercial chemicals used as rodenticides, which destroys our environment and health. Besides, this can also be beneficial because people can minimize their expenses. So, in this simple way, people can save money. Scope and Limitation This study was only limited on the effectiveness of dumb cane stem extract in killing house rats. Its effectiveness was measured by counting the number of rats killed in 2-6 days after they were fed to rats. The dumb cane extracts were mixed with chiffon cake. The actual observation and counting were done at an interval of 2 days. Each treatment was given 3 replications. The commercial product which was the control was Raccumin. Dumb cane stem were taken from the house of one the researchers. This study was conducted at the DOST Laboratory at the barangay hall of Calumpang compound last July 29, 2005. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter gives the background and the related information about the study. Dumb Cane Dumb cane (Diffenbachia seguine) is a shrub, and a native to the West Indies. Its common name derived from the fact that if its stem, which contain

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