Dwindling Justifications

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3. “Dwindling Justifications” The death penalty seems to have been created to aid three main purposes.
First, for most of the time prisons have existed, governments didn't have secure facilities where violent criminals could be housed for long periods of time. Small town or county prisons were only useful for short stays, and state prisons weren't much better. Not being able to provide for inmates, or have space to hold them for life sentences led to the death penalty because options were limited. As time has passed, prisons have improved because of advances in technology and staffing. Inmates with life-without-parole sentences can now serve their time in safer conditions. An introduction to a humane alternative to capital punishment has resulted in support for executions to continue to fall. The many people who are changing their beliefs are realizing that being locked in a cell for the rest of your life is an awful punishment. Some argue that it is a fate worse than death. Next, capital punishment had been used in the past as a tool of white supremacy. Before slavery was abolished, the antebellum south was concerned about possible slave revolts. The punishment of death was used to end any threat of resistance. As stated in a …show more content…

It seems that the bias surfacing in today’s death penalty is of class. The most skilled defense attorneys cost a lot and without a proper lawyer, it’s difficult to lessen a lengthy sentence. According to Amnesty International, only about 5% of death row inmates could actually afford their own attorney. The court appointed lawyers lack experience, are overworked and underpaid. There have even been cases where these professionals turn up to the court date drunk or high. A favorite saying of those on death row goes, “Those without the capital get the

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