Dystopia In 'Fahrenheit 451' By Ray Bradbury

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“An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect,” is the definition you’d read if you searched up the word, “utopia.” Humans strive to achieve perfection- the perfect grade, a perfect family, having a perfect life, being the perfect person- to be flawless. We as humans, typically desire for what we don't have. After all, our world is not perfect at all. We face hardships, anxieties, pain, and much more. But could this desire for perfection start instead, imperfection? Could it start a dystopia instead of a utopia? Could our wish for happiness create a world of unhappiness? Well in the pursuit of happiness and conflicting with what is right, yes. For an example, let’s look into “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray …show more content…

The parlor walls are all entertainment for society- what the government is feeding them, propaganda. The people are despondent, not admitting it. This is shown on pg.13, “‘We get these cases (pill overdose) nine or ten a night. Got so many, starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built. With the optical lens, of course, that was new; the rest is ancient. We don’t need an M.D., case like this; all you need is two handyman, clean up the problem in half an hour. Look’- he started for the door- ‘we gotta go. Just another call on the old ear-thimble.’” This is how frequent, people commit suicide in this society, with nine or ten calls a night. So frequent, this is typical for them. Where it’s simple, “All you need is two handyman,” they said.
But why did they make the society like this, if, in the end, it leads to unhappiness- a dystopia? Beatty explains to Montag, the burning of books on pg. 57, “‘Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don’t feel good about Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Burn it. Someone’s written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book. Serenity, Montag. Peace, Montag. Take your fights outside. Better yet, into the incinerator.’” They’re not dealing with these problems.

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