Early Prisons, Law, and Punishments

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Different forms of punishments have been used to handle criminals. Like the rubbing and burning of a persons neck as they strain to get out of the rope that’s strangling their neck. Or the poisonous fumes stream through your nostrils as you die slowly. This is when punishments started and which punishments were useful and which ones failed in the societies of these old times and how law and rules were made up and how judges began to deal with criminals. The beginning of prisons and punishments began with the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi is the first legal record found in Middle East (Punishment and Corrections American History). However, the Western nations seem to follow the laws started by ancient Rome. In 1532, the Holy Roman Empire created the cousiti criminals Carolina (Punishment and Corrections American History). Most people believe that the earliest form of law can be found in twelve centuries, which is known as the Justinian Code (Punishment and Corrections American History). In America the crank mill failed to take hold but was pretty successful in England. It was a large long rotating cylinder with steps attached along the outside. This turned prisoners into productive citizens by making them work and provide food for themselves. This was for work so instead of killing or torturing the criminal they would just give them work to do like community service. But this punishment had the tendency to mutilate the human body (Get a Real Degree Punishment and Corrections

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