East Liverpool City

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What is home? That is a question people often will come across during their lifetime. While some may say it is where their families are, for me it will always be my hometown. I am from a large town on the Ohio River named East Liverpool. East Liverpool is located right on the edge of Ohio, right where Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio meet. East Liverpool has been historically known as the pottery capital of the world due to the large number of potteries in the city. Sadly, due to changes in the industry, it is only home to The Hall China Company, the Homer Laughlin China Company and Pioneer Pottery. An example of East Liverpool pottery at it’s finest would be that of the Lotus Ware which was produced there during the 1890s. During the 1893…show more content…
When I think of home images of my town flash in my mind whether it be on views of the river or just a simple road in town these thoughts always come to mind first and foremost. It is not just sight that are in my thoughts of home, but the rest of the senses are present as well. From the smell of the air to the very taste of it. Both are unique to that area in my opinion, so when I am able to smell or even taste a fragrance that is similar to back home I am flooded with memories of my home. East Liverpool may not be considered a city, but sirens are commonly present. As grim as that sounds, these sirens put me to ease because they remind me of home, so when I am somewhere without sirens I will often feel out of place. Thankfully, both Waynesburg and East Liverpool have trains that run through the night which helped put me to ease those first few nights, because they themselves (as annoying as they are) reminded me of home. Touch on the other hand sounds like it may be hard to reproduce, but I am reminded every time I ride across a bumpy road which are pretty
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