Economic Changes Of Education : Economic Changes In Education

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Economic Changes in Education- Economic changes have an affect on children across America. Many students face poverty, may be homeless, or come from family of migrant workers. These students may have difficulties in school because they have a lot going on at home that affect their ability to focus in school. These students may not have access to proper nutrition or health care when needed. They may have a medical condition that has not been treated. They may be going to school hungry or distracted. They also may not be receiving proper care at home. Homeless students may not attend school because they are moving place to place. Those that do may perform poorly or lack certain skills. They may also feel lonely and isolated from their peers. Migrant students move around with their families and often are starting new schools. They have to adjust to their new school, the instruction, and teachers. They may also have difficulties understanding English. It is important for teachers to have a positive attitude and to welcome all students every day. Teachers should get to know their students in order to know how to help them best. Teachers should have a set routine that is easy to follow so students know what to expect everyday regardless of what is going on in their home life. Being involved and collaborating with families may also help the child. Teachers should also create an environment where students can collaborate and work together. Teachers can also try to help build up

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