Economic Factors Of The Salem Witch Trials

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There are many factors that have contributed to the rising of witchcraft frenzies that gripped Salem in 1692. Even though there is an abundance, there are quite a few that are extremely important. These factors include, not only, economics, superstition, religion, politics, and gender. First off, the two most exceptional factor used were superstition and religion. When the accused appeared in court, just about all pleaded innocent. As they did so, the afflicted girls always managed to create some type of scene by using superstition. For example, when Sarah Cloyce is being prosecuted, Abigail states that she sent her spirit to bite and scratch her earlier that morning. Another example was when the afflicted girls screamed that the youngest of all of the accused, whom was only a four year old child at the time, had the spirit of a yellow dog with foam flowing through her mouth which just had to be an act of the devil. All of those accusations happened due to the trail of lies the afflicted girls had brought onto Salem, which is what leads into how religion is used as an enormous factor in the witch trials. Tieing back to when the accused pleading innocent, they would never confess to being a witch because if that managed to happen, their souls would be lost and God would not be with them. Back in the time of the Salem witch trials, Christianity was one of the only religions known at the time. Due to that, everyone in Salem were Christian, whom were dedicated to their trust

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