Economic Hit Man

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Introduction International development and underdevelopment are major issues in global society today. John Perkins’ book The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a very critical account on the activities of private corporations such as MAIN and international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and how many actions are based on self-interest, corruption and greed. The book does an exceptional job at giving us an insider’s perspective on why debt induced developing nations are in a constant state of underdevelopment from the corrupt actions of Economic Hit Men and their colleagues Jackals who deal with the dirty side of the business and political economics. Global economics and debt have …show more content…

It fails at covering a lot of other major topics covered throughout the course of POLS*2080. The book either briefly acknowledges or will not mention at all many other issues in development outside of economics that also play a major part in why underdevelopment continues in parts of the world. It is key to remember that this book is written as a personal account by John Perkins’ own perspective as a wealthy successful white US citizen. A lot of the problems he talks about in the book are not affecting him as directly as they are to the people living in the developing countries such as Indonesia and Ecuador. So when evaluating this take on development it come down to his opinion based on the experiences he has lived and not the lives of people constantly growing up and living in the countries who might see these issues differently. Additionally, he focuses on corporatocracy and only tells the side of the story he wants to share and does not include facts he finds …show more content…

This movement has inspired thousands of people to stand up and take a stand to commit to the resistance against neo-colonialism, (INM, n.d.). This movement was only possible because of the viral attention it was able to receive on both Twitter and Facebook. Social Media platforms such as these are amazing tools at spreading the word to millions of people around the world. This ongoing movement fights to obtain the inherent rights to sovereignty and reinstitute traditional laws and land treaties to the Indigenous communities in Canada, (INM, n.d.). Being able to have the opportunities to have your voice heard and not hidden from the public is a way of the past. With technology it will become harder and harder to stop people from rising up and fighting for what they believe needs to change to make a better

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