Economic Inequality And Political Inequality

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Economic inequality, also known as income inequality, is the interval between the rich and the poor. Economic inequality refers to how the total wealth in the United States is distributed among people in a social class. It is needed and it is important but due to the major gap difference, it affects the Democratic Party and in addition, it also affects Americans because they do not understand the actual wealth distribution. It is a major issue in the United States because it affects other economic classes besides the 1 percent by limiting the opportunities for social mobility and it hinders overall growth, such as the 15 percent (46.2 million) of Americans that live below the federal poverty line, which is concentrated in minority people and single female-headed household. A question that many ask is if there is a connection between economic inequality and political inequality because lobbyist and interest groups tend to play an important role due to their higher income and wealth. Having high income and wealth gives them the power to have a stronger voice in politics, which grants access to political decision-making, something people with low income do not have. Finally, social movements have played in the past in trying to improve the plight of the poor and unprivileged in the United States but after all the poor are getting poorer, regardless of the help of the government and the rich are eventually getting richer because of that. The economic inequality levels in the

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