Economics, Production Industry And Education

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Economics, Production Industry and Education Education today fuels its country, oftentimes at the expense of those being educated. Topically, Barthes eccentrically looks to toys as a representation of the perpetuation of the problem embedded in the education system. Within his text, Barthes claims that in addition to national economic aspirations, the mass production industry has a large influence over the modern education system. Though Barthes does not explicitly state his underlying theme, it is seen through what the toys represent and what they resemble. In the confines of just two pages Barthes is able to proclaim his accusations of both the corruption of the economics of nations as well as the perversion of the modern production industry. The microcosm Roland Barthes describes is set in France but the landscape of the problem he describes is not locked in with one country alone. His illustration applies to any country whose education system is influence by the government as a result of its economic aspirations. In order to grasp the symbolism regarding the mass production industry, one must create a bridge between it and one of Barthes main points. Whenever he references toys, he is simultaneously taking a shot at the mass production of the toys as if they toys were instruments utilized to achieve the goal of the industry’s diabolical schemes. It is true that Roland Barthes is in fact referencing the economic stance of counties while writing about toys, but this is a

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