Edgar Allan Poe's Death Research Paper

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A lot theories have been made about Edgar Allan Poe’s death, thanks to the awful paperwork about the real and effective conditions of Poe the night of his death by the doctors. With the time the mystery around the death of this author became unwilling part of his even more mysterious character.
The only theories that were born came from the subjective analysis of Edgar’s life, his unhealthy attitudes and his diseases that in general were all connected to his psychological conditions at different times of his life. Between all the theories that, as I said, have been made during the time I’m positive that the more realistic, that can explain most of the different aspects of mysterious death of Poe should be a mixture of the notorious “Cooping …show more content…

The Alcohol Theory is based on the unhealthy and frequent consume of liquor of Poe during his life that caused him serious health problems that brought him more than once on the margin of a physical collapse.
But first lets do a backup of the death and of the conditions of Edgar Allan Poe when was found in the streets of Baltimore; Poe was described as in a state of strong shock when was found, the author was immediately brought to a college hospital in Baltimore where he died in the middle of the night.
The weak conditions of his body, like a possible brain damage were choose as the causes of Poe’s death, and we don’t really know a lot more about his death because the papers with the medical analysis has been missing during the

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