Edgar Allan Poe: The Father Of Suspense

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Edgar Allan Poe, 40, passed away at five o'clock the morning of October 7, 1849. Poe was found unconscious in the streets of Baltimore, Maryland and was taken to a hospital and died a few days later. He will go down in literature history as the father of suspense. He didn’t have very many friends. He was a man who lived a very unfortunate life.

He came from a big family. His grandfather, David Poe, was Revolutionary War. Poe’s grandmother, Elizabeth Cairnes Poe, was his husband who gave birth to Poe’s father. Poe’s father, David Poe, Jr.,. He found Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, an actress, and they moved to Richmond, Virginia gave birth to three children and passed away. William Henry Leonard Poe, Edgar Allan Poe, and Rosalie Mackenzie Poe were all that were left of the family. The three children were split up and Edgar Allan Poe was fostered by John Allan and his wife Frances Allan.They helped support Poe in his education. …show more content…

He was known for his storytelling. It was said that all the ladies were obsessed with him and they would listen to his stories. Although he was a great student, he had problems with drinking, gambling, and getting into trouble. He joined the Military Academy of West Point. Meanwhile, Frances Allan died and John Allan remarried a woman much younger than him and Poe and Allan got into a fight that was never resolved. Allan died a little later and left nothing for Poe. Poe left West Point without graduating. He found work in little places writing for newspapers and writing small, the stuff he came up with wasn’t heard of. He married his thirteen year-old cousin; Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe September 22, 1835. She passed away January 30, 1847. He left his late wife after twelve years of being

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