Edgar Allen Poe is very well known for several profound short stories.

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Edgar Allen Poe is very well known for several profound short stories. The Tell Tale heart is known around the world. The story The Tell Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe Shows the reader the inner complexity behind the unnamed, main character who in this particular story is also the narrator for the reader. Poe portrays a character whose almost every sensory that is used in the story becomes a reminder of the crime he has committed. The conflict within the narrator is extremely noticeable in the beginning of this story. Due to obvious clues and statements, Poe indicates that the Narrators metal state is indeed insanity. The insanity begins to worsen because the narrator’s obsession with the old man’s eye which causes him to lose…show more content…
However in his mind the old man’s eyes begin to create illusions such madness that any sanity or compassion he/she once had is now gone and in its place is obsession and insanity.
Point of View: Since Poe, mainly uses the narrator as a source of first person point of view that allows the reader to more interested and captures there attention almost endlessly. The first person point of view us what makes the Tell Tale Heart so compelling and chilling. At one begins to read the story right away at the beginning the narrators emphasis that he is not “mad” but instead he is completely sane. However as the readers continues with this chilling story they realize that the more the narrators tries to claim his sanity the more convince one becomes that he is indeed very “mad”. Also with the conclusion that the narrator is not at all sane, one becomes aware that they are dealing with an unreliable narrator creating more complexity and intensity. Therefore the demented views of this narrator allows the audience a disturbing look into the mind of a seriously callous person, and that adds to the author's overall haunting tone. By using first person point of view, this enables the reader to see how the narrator feels as the story is being told, as well as help contribute to feeling that are being created in the readers mind. One must also keep in mind that the reader does

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