Edmonia Lewis Forever Free Analysis

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In the twenty first century there are a few men in this world that admits when you think of artist, you don’t typically think of women. Women rights and racism play a strong role when it comes to African American female artist. For decades’ African American woman have always had a permanent double bull’s eye on their back. Their skin and gender was their worst enemy. In the 1700 century women rights movements started to rise. But if you look up women right movements starting in the 1700 century, the face of women rights is predominantly white women. Between books and the internet, they show that it was mostly white women who helped woman rights. If we still struggle to shine light on African American Women now in the 21st century, you cannot …show more content…

She told many that this piece was dear to her heart. You can see the amount of dedication she put into this piece. The sculpture tells the story of a black mother and son. The mother is on her knees thanking god that her child is free. The son is free from his chains. The son holds one of his chains in the air towards the sky. The sculpture’s story connects to Lewis’s personal life. Lewis told an African American Story. The sculpture marble is white, but the details on the in this fine art illustrates two black people. The title Forever free, compliments the details. For example, the man and the woman are slaves. You can tell by their clothes. The man is wear just shorts. The woman is wearing a worn out dress. Both of them do not have on shoes. When it comes to slavery, Lewis could relate to the torcher and troubles herself, family, and her people had to deal with. So it was only right that knew how a slave would dress, feel, and act. What makes this piece of art work so strong are the details of the …show more content…

She did not let that stop her and her ideas. In her earlier years everyday she would embrace a new idea. Thomas knew that she was capable of being normal. She is wonderful! Alma Thomas would create her own colors just to pin-point the right expressions. Thomas was well aware of her surroundings. She payed attention to the racial prejudice around her, and in the world. Thomas was and independent woman who searched for quality and she was dedicated in helping young black artist. Alma Thomas was a founder vice president of Barnett- Aden Gallery in Washington. She helped so many young artists find their voice, be inspired, and tell a story to the world. “Overcoming the barriers being black, a woman, an artist, and growing old, she believed: ‘Creative art is for all time and is therefore independent of time. It is of all ages, of every land”.
Any artist uses their surroundings as inspiration. An African American female artist deal with being the underdog. The situations they were placed in, ended up being inspirational moments. These moments became inspirational because they were personal stories, life learned lessons, and life changing moments. This essay only mentions three strong, powerful, monumental women. However, there are many more females who have helped the African American woman artist culture. They are still hidden. It is essays like this that help spread their stories, and their art

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