What Are The Positives And Negatives Of Educational Books

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Question 1 Educational books The positives about law books are that you can look at information in the book, which is reliable as it cannot be altered by anyone that is reliable, you can take the book anywhere with you, it’s easy to find your way through the book, as at the front they is a list of headings which helps you find which page(s) your looking for quickly. A few negatives about this book are that after one year other, newer versions of that book will come out making this book out of date. Meaning it won’t have the most current information, cases and examples in making it not as useful anymore as it will be outdated. Another bad thing about books is it can be time wasting, have high vocabulary making it harder to understand for some people and books can be heavy when you have having to carry many books around. Newspapers Newspapers may be biased as they can be more on the prosecutions side or the defendant’s side, therefore they would try make either one sound better and exaggerate. Also the sources might be giving them false information just so they can get a pay day. However papers can also be good as it can be descriptive, informative and can be accessed anywhere in the world meaning that you could get quicker updates meaning people who wanted to know about the what’s currently going on in the new or something that was previously in the news they could just search for it online which is quicker and easier and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Journal

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