Education Is Important For Proper Human Development

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Education is a necessity in order to have the expertise needed to successfully perform in today’s society. It allows us to process new information and make deductions on a daily basis. In particular, grade school education is exceptionally important for proper human development. It provides children with the basic foundation for education and knowledge. Over the course of many years, it has become apparent that there are several disparities within early education. According to The New York Times Magazine, children who are minorities or who live in poor neighborhoods are more likely to attend schools that are lacking necessities compared to children who are not minorities or who live in rich neighborhoods. This disparity in education …show more content…

A child should not be placed at a disadvantage and it is unjust for a child to already be unlikely to receive the necessary education at such a young age and before they even have a say about it. Elementary schools and middle schools in low socioeconomic areas should have the same resources as schools in wealthier areas. In particular, elementary schools need better resources since they set the foundation for a child’s education and are important to the development of children.
Perhaps one of the simplest alternatives is to provide good teachers to both lacking and successful schools. It’s possible that schools serving poor and minority children may not attract as many teachers as schools that are better off. This could be due to location, the ease of managing a class of students, and possibly even the chance of children in poor schools being behind in class. This problem could be fixed by providing school districts with teachers that can provide students with the necessary knowledge. Not all of the more influential teachers should be placed at schools that are in higher socioeconomic areas. Every child should have an equal opportunity of having teachers that provide them with a rich learning environment. Another way to fix this problem could be to offer some type of incentive for teachers who work at poorer schools. There could possibly be an issue with teachers working at these schools solely for the incentive and not because they want to provide the students with

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