Education Is Not Equally Distributed

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Participant P#1 did not experience, education hardship, however, she gave her experience, on educational limitation in the Ward schools.
High percentage of children studying in the ward schools fail the exam because of insufficient books, teachers, and other teaching needs. But if you have the ability and take your child in a private school, your child will succeed because teachers receive fair payment there. In private schools, they make follow-up, and teachers work hard. So children going to such schools work hard and succeed. If your child from primary school goes to the ward school, and your neighbor’s child goes to private school the outcome is your child will fail and your neighbor’s child will perform well. When you ask why your …show more content…

Some of them did not have evening meals. Teachers volunteer with their pocket money to provide them with tea or biscuit, and the children recover after eating.

Informant P#7 expressed concerns of children in rural schools where teachers cannot reach them:
Our neighboring Hekwe Primary school- has almost five hundred registered students, but strangely there are only two teachers. Do you see? They are two why? Teachers are assigned, but because of the challenging environment no one wants to live there. When it is raining you cannot access the area even using a motorcycle. The fair is almost Tshs 7,000, the road is muddy and slippery.
The government has not yet prepared the infrastructure to help poor children living in village’s access education. Why am I saying that? Because roads, health services, and technology are still far behind. They have not yet monitored in many areas of our Serengeti area and other areas of Tanzania in general.
Informant P#4 noted that “schools in the village do not have enough tools for teaching. They are just there ward schools. Often teachers fail to stay in these schools for the reason of unfriendly [...]environment in rural schools.” She continued:
Teachers live on a little salary, frequently not enough to fulfill their needs, and so they tend to escape from rural school teaching posts. They just report to their

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