Education Is Not Equally Distributed

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Participant P#1 did not experience, education hardship, however, she gave her experience, on educational limitation in the Ward schools.
High percentage of children studying in the ward schools fail the exam because of insufficient books, teachers, and other teaching needs. But if you have the ability and take your child in a private school, your child will succeed because teachers receive fair payment there. In private schools, they make follow-up, and teachers work hard. So children going to such schools work hard and succeed. If your child from primary school goes to the ward school, and your neighbor’s child goes to private school the outcome is your child will fail and your neighbor’s child will perform well. When you ask why your child failed, you will find that the learning environment failed your child. In such circumstances, educational is not equally distributed.

She also highlighted the primary school students stating that:

Imagine a little child going to school from morning to 3:00 PM without eating anything. Even when s/he goes back home, there is no assurance of food. Do you think this child will be equal to a boarding school child who eats three meals a day at school? Situations of this kind are common in rural as well as in city schools. Children do not have lunch except children with disabilities, who started eating lunch two months ago. Children are in school at 7:00AM and they go home for lunch at 1:30where some of them do not have even porridge.
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