Education Is The Real Importance Of Education

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Growing up as a child, I never really understood the real importance of education, whether it was because of my ignorance as a child or because I needed to realize on my own just how important education is for me. All I knew that it was important, like brushing your teeth every day and showering. I knew it was a place that I had to go every day to "get smart" and as I got older I slowly started to learn education was important if I wanted to have a career. Depending on the person he or she will find their own interpretation of what education is and there is no specific age an individual figures out their own special meaning. When the topic of education is brought up to me, I now have realized not only the obvious statement of how important …show more content…

As a child, I was never at the top of the class, but I was not at the bottom. I was an average student, my issue is that I was very lazy and did not practice the skills I was being taught consistently. I had the ability to pick things up very fast, but I never used that skill to my advantage. I would never reach the next step of whatever was taught because I did not practice at home; I did the bare minimum, which was simply doing the homework, thus I was never the top student and cheated myself from gaining more knowledge. The problem with me was that school was not so appealing to me, I enjoyed some of the fun, learning activities that my teachers would do once in a while, but the problem was they did not have the sufficient time to always conduct fun activities that some students need in order for them to stay engaged and it did not help that I 'm a boy and love to play sports and was only looking forward to recess and PE because I was able to play. Even with that, I was able to come away with slightly above average grades throughout elementary. When I attended middle school, I started to take school slightly more seriously, my motivation, unfortunately, because I had figured out what education meant to me, but simply because my parents said I needed to have good grades in order to play basketball for the school. The GPA requirement for the school was 2.0, which I explained to my

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