Education and Privileges

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Do all Americans have equal rights and privileges? As years pass, sufficient education is becoming a more and more important necessity. Does the amount of education a person have determined the rights and privileges they get? Should this happen? How is someone determined to be uneducated or uneducated? The word “uneducated” can have a different meaning depending on the situation. “Uneducated” in most cases refers to adults who are illiterate, or adults who have not completed high school. “Susan B. Anthony stated in a 1873 speech that it might be acceptable for the educated to be given more rights and privileges by society than the ‘ignorant’ or uneducated.” This statement of Susan B. Anthony is completely justified, and the fact that the…show more content…
The right to vote, as discussed before, is not given to uneducated people. Citizens have to pass a literacy test in order to vote. “If even one third of the illiterates could vote, and read enough to do sufficient math to vote in their self-interest, Ronald Reagan would not likely have been chosen president” (Kozol 34). If all illiterates did have a say in government, it could make such a big difference that the votes could cause a different president to be elected. Uneducated people do not have enough knowledge to wisely decide which president is amendments are better, as they need to know how to read to stay updated with politics. “Millions of people cannot exercise their right to vote with a full knowledge of the facts because they cannot read or write.” (Illiteracy and Natural Rights.). Apart from voting, the childbirth rights are also sometimes taken from uneducated mothers. “Illiterate mothers . . . already have been cheated of the power to protect their progeny against the likelyhood of demolition” (Kozol 45). Uneducated mothers cannot properly take care of their child as they usually do not hae all the information on raising a baby. When the child grows up, an uneducated parent will not be able to help the child in schoolwork, leading the child to struggle in school. Although rights are taken from the uneducated society, they are taken for a reason that benefits the uneducated people in the long-term. Uneducated, or illiterate people do not get the same
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