Edward Gibbon

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Peter Heather, for example, the author of the fall of the Roman empire, explains his reasoning behind why he feels that the Roman fall was not only a factors of internal dysfunction. Looking back on it now the success and let down of common tax payers reflect where Rome achieved among their peers showing off where they stand among their enemies.41 however, Edward Gibbon, argues, in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, his arguments of internal factors and Christianity taking over paganism as a shot at the morality and standard of the common Roman. However for my thesis I found Edward Gibbon Book unhelpful but luckily Peter Heather put things in perspective when it came to the source and his rebuttal for Gibbon was that if his argument …show more content…

The security know of the eastern empire was being set from all cost because a main source of revenue for both empires came from this area spreading from Western Asian minor all the way to Egypt. 387 Sasanian empire forced Roman legion hands in extending their troop account when it came to protecting their most wealthy areas of the empire. According to Peter Heather, States that as a result, "Constant Noble had to have upwards of 80% of its military committed to the Persian front tier, another 92 units of Garrison troops for the distance of Egypt and Libya". 387 Heather suggests that this event in the Persian front made it hard for the Roman empire to have a major army of that size without increasing tax significantly that it would affect their local economy back in Italy.448 this was an external events that forced Rome into requiring a new armory to fight off a foreign invader, Sasanian made life hard for Roman legions and the Roman empire because why they were concerned with this person front other areas of the Roman empire were being attacked by barbarians with in the Empire. This external military force put the revenue stream in even more turmoil when it came to levying taxation throughout the empire. A basic problem that came from this would just be taxation on agricultural production which would come from these outer limit towns with in the

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