Edwin Sutherland's Differential Association Theory

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This essay will discuss and focus on and American sociologist and criminologist; Edwin Sutherland. We will examine his work and study on Differential Association Theory. Differential Association theory explains and examines the reason why people commit crime and have deviant behaviour.

Differential association theory represent on of the most important theoretical traditions in criminology. Historically, the theory brought a sociological perspective to the forefront of criminology and withe his path-braking work on white - collar crime, established Edwin Sutherland as perhaps the most influential criminologist of his generation. ( Matseuda, 1988)

Sutherland’s main contribution to criminology was his differential association theory. Sutherland …show more content…

Through the years, Differential association theory has accelerated theoretical refinements and revisions, empire research and has been applied to different policy. In the last few decades, the trend of theoretical innovation has bee succeeded by two certain trend. One being testing the theory: devising methods for operationalising the theory’s concepts , deriving hypotheses from its propositions and subjecting these hypotheses to empirical verification . The second concludes that it rejects the theory principle in favour of social control or combined theories.
Recently there have been more efforts to revise and renovate the differential association theory sa as to make it more serviceable and more dependency. C.R Jeffrey critiqued the debate of differential association theory on the grounds that's not declared in terms of modern learning

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