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Effective Airline Security Measures Are Overdue As far back as 1955, terrorist threats against the airline industry have jeopardized the safety and security of airline passengers. This paper chronologically describes some of the events that caused preventive measures to be proposed and in fewer cases implemented. The fact that there is a terrorist threat against our nation’s airline industry has not changed, but the methods that these radicals employ to bring harm to travelers has grown much more sophisticated. The techniques in use by the government and the airline industry to prevent a catastrophic event have not kept pace. As the events of September 11th unfolded, it became obvious that the havoc a well-planned terrorist attack…show more content…
Terrorist threats and hijackings, many involving live explosives, plagued civil aviation again in the early 1970s. It took another disaster and more than a decade for the U.S. government to again take a serious look at airline security.

This push was provided by the June 1985 plunge into the sea of an Air India flight near Ireland as the result of a powerful explosion in its cargo hold and a hijacking the next month of TWA Flight 847 from Athens. (Federal Aviation Administration, 2001) The FAA ordered U.S. air carriers to tighten security at major airports in other countries. And U.S. air carriers overseas were under FAA orders to match every piece of luggage with every passenger to defeat the possibility that a terrorist might check a suitcase containing a bomb, then not take the flight. Since that date, more than 24 fatal explosions have been recorded on aircraft around the world. Despite this evidence, the U.S. has made little real progress toward countering such threats to our airlines and their passengers. Today, only a small percentage of passenger baggage on domestic flights is screened for explosives. (Federal Aviation Administration) U.S. officials historically have responded to aviation disasters by proposing flurries of security measures, only to roll back many of them when airlines objected and the public's focus on the

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