Effective Methods And Strategies For Applying Funds Of Knowledge

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“The culture of the student can only enter the classroom once it has entered the mind of the teacher.” – New Zealand Proverb

Students do not enter the classroom as empty vessels or blank slates; they are each filled with knowledge and skills from their own families, cultures, and lives. Luis Moll developed a respected idea to create home to school relationships to benefit the students learning. Luis Moll always states the importance of identifying skills, knowledge, expertise and interests those families own outside of school, which can serve a purpose to everyone in the classroom setting and student’s education (Moll, p. 20). Parents, grandparents and other community members can supplement the teacher’s curriculum in the classroom, with their knowledge. Moll calls these funds of knowledge, cultural practices of knowledge and information that households use to survive, to get ahead or to thrive (Moll, p.21). For my paper I am going to be talking about what are effective methods and strategies for applying Funds of Knowledge to an elementary classroom with refugee students.
One of the traditional views in the education system is that language minority homes including refugees lack the social, cultural and intellectual motivation and resources to enable children to progress well at school and in the classroom (González, p. 87). In return, teachers may have low expectations or a deficit mind set for their school and or class performance,
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