Effects Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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Impact of Alcohol and Drug Abuse There may be some things that you don 't know about the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on friends and family and how your friends and family may react to your choices. Having knowledge about alcohol and drug abuse, preventing toxic relationship with friends, and being informed about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse can prevent the harmful use or consumption of drugs and alcohol. First and foremost, having knowledgeable information on the impact drugs and alcohol can have on your life and other lives as well. There is a wide range of effects drugs and alcohol may have on someone and their loved ones too. Alcoholism is a disease of the family because not only can alcoholism be passed generation to generation,but it also may have effects on your family. These effects range from having to deal with the individual 's behavioral issues and even tempts your loved ones to pick up a glass with you, it could also cause psychological damage. According to Allpsych.net., ”Each member of the family may be affected by alcohol differently. Parental alcoholism may affect the fetus even before a child is born. In pregnant women, alcohol is carried to all of the mother’s organs and tissues, including the placenta, where it easily crosses through the membrane separating the maternal and fetal blood systems. When a pregnant woman drinks an alcoholic beverage, the concentration of alcohol in her unborn baby’s bloodstream is the same level as her
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