Effects Of Alcohol On The United States

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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Alcohol consumption in the United States has become a social norm and a rite of passage for a young adult who is finally turning 21. However, alcohol is use during social gatherings starting at a young age. Also, depending on environmental and social factors can an effect on what the young adults are exposed to socially and if that will influence their decision-making abilities.
Alcohol has become an acceptable social norm starting at a young age. Alcohol misuse among young adults can affect their decision-making abilities, which can have severe consequences to innocent bystanders. Environmental factors play a key role; for example, young adults that live in rural areas have easier access to alcohol and are prone to express high-risk behaviors. On the other hand, young adults that live in urban areas experience different types of environmental factors such as economic difficulties and public transit access. A solution to these distinctive factors would lead to a decrease in the amount of drinking and driving rates. As well as finding new prevention strategies such as providing a form of public transportation in rural areas. These solutions would be an option for young adults so that they can make it home safely after consuming alcohol. By doing so, young adults would have a safer method to get home, as well as to save a life.

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