Effects Of Being A Foster Care On Children And Adolescents

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Mackenzie Murphy
English Composition 101
Dr.Kom Kunyosing
Cause and Effect Essay
November 16, 2015 Effects of being in foster care on children and adolescents Being in foster care can either have a positive effect on someone or it could have a very negative effect on someone. In my case, it not only had a positive effect but it also had some downfalls. Most often times children/adolescents are placed in foster care because it is a safer environment for them to live in. Foster care is positive in many ways. They are positive in being it can give children and adolescents a safer home/environment to live in, it can stabilize the adolescent/child, and it can give the individual a more positive look on life. Although foster care can have many positive effects on an individual it can also have many negative effects. Foster care and being removed from the place the child grew up in can cause attachment issues, mental health issues, eating disorders, it can cause a child to become depressed and become more prone to drugs and alcohol, and can cause lots of stress on an individual. When you are placing a child in a foster home, it tends to be for the reason that the child was originally not in a good home. Their home with their biological parents could have been with drugs and alcohol. Their parents could have been drug dealers or constant drinkers or smokers. The parents may not have been able to afford the child. Being placed in

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