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The positive and negative results of china’s “opening up” under Deng Xiao Ping Before Deng Xiao Ping came into power china was a failing society in which most of its people where starving and the countries economical situation was poor. Deng Xiao Ping came to power and enacted economic reforms that would move China onto the road to becoming one often greatest economic powers the world has ever seen. Deng Xiao Ping’s long term plan was to implement four groups of economic reforms that would help to kick start China’s economy. The Reforms included agricultural, Industrial, Scientific and militaristic. These plan would revolutionise china a turn it into a global economy. To succeed in these plan Deng Xiao Ping know that It would included opening up China to the rest of the world. Without money coming in from foreign benefactors, There was no way China could recover without outside help.…show more content…
Before this reform China was a closed off country that gave no opportunity to allow foreign investment. Deng Xiao Ping opened up that rule as he wanted money to start coming in from other countries to raise China’s economy. As money was coming in from foreign benefactors China’a now had a vast source of income and future potential income. The industrial reform also created large factories to produce goods that it could trade with other countries once again to open up a new source of income. Factories started to sing up creating millions of jobs for the Chinese population. More people started to earn a steady income. This meant that now people had more money they could spend on luxury good which improved the countries cash flow once again. Other garment leaders feared that allow foreign countriese to invest in china would become a risk to China’s wellbeing and made Deng Xiao Ping’s planes much harder to be past and in the end took longer for them to

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