Effects Of Food Waste

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Food Waste Why do we as citizens waste food in a world full of hungry people? Food waste has become a huge worldwide problem, especially in this generation. Many foods in the United States is being wasted while others are having trouble to put food on the table for their own family. Food waste is usually being discarded and not eaten. For many food waste doesn’t come across their minds because they don’t struggle with buying the groceries, no matter the price. We do not just waste food while affecting the global warming, but we also burn the planet’s resources. The world produces enough food, but if we keep buying and throwing away the food without being eaten, we will not be able to feed ourselves and families anymore. One of the effects of food waste on the environment cause to produce an abundant amount of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas 21 times times worse than co2. If methane was to leak into the air, it would absorb the sun’s heat. The closer you are to your ingredients the less greenhouse gas will be emitted delivering them, the fresher they will be and the longer they will last. The most obvious effect of food waste is the causes of people going hungry. People could choose not to buy extra food so they would not need to throw it away. Every once a while, people could open a sheltered food for the homeless if they had additional food than they needed. Throwing too much food can cause bad air for us when the trash gets burned. I am very antipathy towards wasting
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