Effects Of Marijuana And Alcohol Use On A 36 Year Old Client

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In this essay I will discuss the impact of marijuana and alcohol use on a 36 year old client, Leonard. There are multifactorial issues in Leonard’s history such as early drug use and family violence which may predispose him to addictive behaviour patterns. I will then explore the precipitating, perpetuating, as well as the protective factors in the client’s life. Bio- psycho-social, environmental and developmental factors will also be explored. I will then discuss motivational interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as possible strategies I could implement as well as the theoretical concepts that underpin these approaches. Finally I will include a synopsis of the development and progression of the counselling intervention using the Tihei-wa Mauri Ora as a guide as well as critique my work and its effectiveness or adjustments needed to meet the needs of the client.

According to (Griskevicius, 2011) individuals who grow up in adverse, unstable socioeconomic circumstances characterized by alcohol abuse and violence, like Leonard, tend to repeat the cycle in their own lives. These individuals biology, he suggests predisposes them to destructive, risky behaviour’s including criminal activities. This evidence is supported by Leonard’s history of been linked to the youth justice system since the age of 14 and he has used marijuana from a young age. The developing brain is adversely affected, the drugs interfere with the communication system of the brain (neurotransmitters)…
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