Effects Of Marijuana On The Brain Centers Essay

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Marijuana continues to be the most widely used drug in the Western Hemisphere, its cognitive effects robustly revolve around memory. There have been many studies done on the chemical effects that marijuana has on the brain centers concerned with memory and learning. There are more productive studies relating to the effects of cannabis on short-term memory that show different memory processes effected by this drug. Though there is not much knowledge on the effects the drug has on long-term memory due to suspected confounds that temper with the process of collecting proper data, there have been studies showing lasting effects in adolescents and chronic users (Schoeler and Bhattacharyya, 2013). More research should be done on the long-term processes in order to better understand the lasting effects of cannabis use. Marijuana causes these adverse effects on memory by first altering chemical processes in the brain. There are several chemical processes involved when marijuana enters the brain, and it is important to know what these processes are in order to better understand marijuana’s adverse effects on memory. Though there are many chemicals in marijuana, there are only two main ingredients linked directly to the cognitive effects of the drug. The principal psychoactive component in cannabis is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), it is linked to the adverse effects of the drug on various cognitive functions, including memory (Schoeler and Bhattacharyya, 2013). The second

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