Effects Of Mass Media In Africa

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For centuries Africa has been identified as a place where endless poverty, diseases, conflict, and violence exist. Studies show that the negative stereotypes and misconceptions about Africa come from different sources including movies, and mass media. There are other misconceptions, not only about their lifestyles, but also about their religious aspects and cultural standings.
Many scholars argue about how mass media portrays African culture and general information pertaining to Africa. Some argue that American reporters have been selective in their coverage of African news, focusing on crisis and leaving out African achievements and contributions to the international community. For example, Ebo (1992: 15) argues that, “the negative …show more content…

There's an even more diverse religious aspect to Africa than mentioned above; many of those beliefs include African Traditional Religions, Christianity, Islam, Hindu/Baha’i, Judaism, and many others. On top of the religious diversity, there is the language diversity in the African languages which include an estimation of two thousand languages and dialects. Most languages spoken today originate from Africa. These languages include Afrikaana, French, Arabic, English, Swahili, Portuguese, Malagasy, and Spanish, which are adopted for public use in courts, education, and business. No one bothers to mention or take notice of this complex language system in any movie or story told about Africa: only the stereotypical cultish tribally behavior and Swahili language.
Western media has been, in part, portraying Africa as a chaotic and messy place. It has overlooked the progress that has been made by Africa. Despite being 60% subsidized farming, it has built many Industries and factories that boost the economy. The reason why people fail to understand Africa and its conditions is mostly due to the first impression colonists had before it's original non-westernized culture.

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