Effects Of Mccarthyism In The Crucible

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Innocent people were accused of being a communist and having something to do with witchcraft in the 1950s. In the article “The 1950s Part One: McCarthy and the Red Scare” by Alan Brinkley he writes about how people that are innocent are accused of being a communist. Alan writes, “People were afraid of being called communists or being associated with communists” (Brinkley). People were afraid because being accused could have major problems and they could be jailed or worse. Throughout the time more and more people were accused and it became a bigger problem. The rumors made the people terrified and some of the trials could have been lies. In another article of “Witch Hunting and Blacklisting in 1950s America” by, the writer writes that, “Although McCarthyism was dead by the mid-1950s, its effects lasted for decades” ( The rumors that went around about communism and witch hunting affected the country by the innocent people being accused and everyone not knowing who really was a communist and who wasn’t. The rumors made people lose their jobs or even make their lives harder. The author of “The Crucible” wanted to write a play based on communism with how rumors affect everything sometimes. “The Crucible” was a play written by Arthur Miller that is about a group of girls who accuse innocent people of being witches. The girls affect the people that are innocent by them pretending that they are under witchcraft. The witch trials get messed up

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