Effects Of Monitarianism In Fahrenheit 451

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Many people talk about how the world is slowly caving in as people are desensitized, emotionally. Opposers suggest that it is technology’s fault for sucking a person’s mind into oblivion twenty four hours a day. However, it is the people themselves who are going to bring about their own destruction. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the actions of the public perfectly exemplifies a worst-case scenario of the future coming to mayhem. In this world, books not accepted by the law are burned by “firefighters” so that everyone is taught the same information. Nobody strays from the “truth”, and this way, everyone is treated equally. There is no nerd and no bully. The public is encouraged to listen to live streams of people talking in headphone devices called seashells. Yet for one man in particular, Guy Montag, he struggles between fitting in with the public or pursuing an “itch” he has always had. Montag is a firefighter, but he sometimes steals books from various homes he burned, and is too scared to read any. Montag fights his urge in order to stay “normal” in this twisted society, but this conflict with himself became overwhelming. People who work for the law are always constantly seeing and experiencing events that could scare a person right out of their mind. In Fahrenheit 451, the “firefighters” get a call on a house whom someone would suspect have forbidden books in it. At once, a team is dispatched with hoses for kerosine and fire suits galore. Montag has

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