Effects Of Pornography

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Pornographic images have been around for years, archeologist throughout the world have found images carved in stone. Within the last 30 years, how pornography is viewed has changed, from having to travel to a rough part of town to personally purchase a magazine or video, to the ability to obtain explicate videos on your phone. With the Internet, users are now able to access pornography anonymously, having access to millions of images, mostly for free. The accessibility, affordability and anonymity takes the effort, cost and public judgment out of the equation. In the last twenty years, pornography has moved into mainstream society. Why does this matter? Effects of pornography gathered from self-reports show users have difficulty reaching orgasm, experience delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and no longer are aroused by real people. While symptoms do improve when they stop visiting online sites research shows 1/3 of men, 18-30 years old, believe they are addicted to pornography or are unsure. People who suffer from drug abuse often show outward signs, like dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, increased pulse, erratic behavior and mood swings. On the other hand, those who suffer from alcoholism demonstrate a growing dependency on alcohol to perform daily functions, lack of inhibition and lose of control over their emotions and actions. A porn addict however, more than likely has the appearance of a perfectly normal person—no increased pulse, or bloodshot eyes or lack of

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