Effects Of Raised Tuition On College Students

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College Tuition

Over the past few years there have been noticeable effects of raised tuition on college students throughout U.S. According to a recent College Board report, tuition and fees at four-year public institutions have increased by 31 percent (, Committee of education and the work force democrats). It’s not uncommon that students take out loans to afford college and later find themselves drowning in debts. Not only is this added stress, but it can be very inhibiting in life because if the student is not able to pay in time, which is common given the expensiveness of higher education, then their credit scores are …show more content…

Were this to happen, there would be a lot of positive changes in the country: manageability of life for students, more available education, bigger number of enrolled students and therefore, increased literacy rate, and equal opportunity of higher education for both the type of people who are able to afford it as well as for those who aren’t equipped to.
There has been a lot of debate and discussion concerning this topic these days. Many politicians have been involved in addressing this topic and some have even gone as far as taking some further actions.

Democrats’ View on the issue
• The middlemen (banks) in student lending should be cut out so as to directly invest in students.
• There should be increased investment in Pell Grant scholarships
• Different financial aid options should be more accessible to children from lower-income families.
• Programs should be created that will allow students’ payments to be as low as 10 percent of their monthly income.
• Federal loan interest rates should be reduced greatly (

Republicans’ View on the issue
• Limiting the federal government in education by getting rid of federal student loans, and having only private loans.
• Republicans believe in expanding community college programs, online universities, and work-based learning to create competition for four-year schools so that these four-year schools would be forced to match these

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