Effects Of Smoking Essay

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We all know that as we age, it is impossible to turn back the clock unless we turn to botox or cosmetic surgery to reclaim our youthful looks. But think again, it is possible to stop time without having to go under the knife and at the same time keeping your bank balance healthy. Here are some great tips that help you achieve youthful skin. 1. Avoid smoking Ranging from bad breath, teeth discoloration, gum diseases to lung cancer, the after effects of smoking are apparent, thanks to all the publicity through anti smoking campaigns and advertisements. Needless to say, smoking is bad both for your skin and health. In fact one of the top causes of skin damage is smoking. If you smoke, don't be surprise that you look older than you actually are as smoking accelerates the ageing process and add years to your body through the following: a) When tobacco burns, thousands of chemical compounds are formed. Harmful substances like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nicotine enter your circulatory system, depriving skin cells of oxygen and creating billions of free radicals, damaging the collagen and elastin tissues causing premature wrinkles. b) Repetitive movement of cigarettes puffing causes wrinkles around the lips. Wrinkles appear at the eyes too as smokers tend to squint, looking through the smoky haze. c) The harmful nature of cigarette smoke gives smokers a more unhealthy skin colour and coarser skin texture as compared to non smokers. d) Smoking dries the skin,
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