Effects Of Smoking On Public Places

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She walked by me and a trail of smoke followed her like a burning building. While many in society were irritated about the NO SMOKING policies in public places, it was and is morally justified. Smoking is not only a health hazard to the individual puffing on the cigarette, but also every person around that area health is at risk. Society has been thoroughly informed of the hazards from smoking cigarettes; yet people still choose smoking as a form of stress relief or enjoyment. The exposer to the harmful toxins not only affects the smoker and non-smoker at the time of inhaling the smoke, but the potential affects could possibly show up years later. Lung scaring and various forms of cancer are only a few of the possibilities of potential …show more content…

Direct experience of second and third hand smoke as a child helped me choose to not smoke as an adult, but more importantly as a parent.
Some individuals smoke inside their own home, which is completely their choice. Entering into a public place while smoking affects complete strangers by forcing them to breathe in the toxins from the cigarette. The smoker has a filter at the end of the cigarette; the innocent bystander has nothing but toxic smoke to inhale. According to Opposing View Points, “To protect nonsmokers from exposure to secondhand smoke, the United States passed laws limiting smoking in public places. During the 1970s, states and cities began requiring nonsmoking areas in public areas and workplaces. Over the next thirty years, many workplaces and public areas became “smoke-free environments,” where smoking was completely forbidden. Regulations on smoking in public vary across states and cities; however, federal law bans smoking in all federal facilities and control smoking on airplanes, which was banned in 1990 for all domestic flights less than six hours long. Today, most flights between the United States and other countries are also smoke free” (Smoking). Before smoking was prohibited in restaurants and other public areas, my family dined at a local Waffle House. My toddler son sat in a highchair in the aisle when a woman walked past our table smoking a cigarette. I remember thinking to myself, “That smoke follows her like

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