Effects Of The British Petroleum Oil Spill

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Adam Bobroy
Ms. Kelton
Composition and Literature 112-1
17 May 2016
The Major Effects of The British Petroleum Oil Spill
The BP Oil spill pumped almost 200 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mexico, for approximately 87 days. This became the largest and most devastating oil spill in the United States. The coastlines of Texas, Alabama, Florida, MIssissippi and Louisiana were drastically effected by this horrible oil spill. In the end the BP oil spill negativity impacted more than 16,000 miles of coastline. Even today, oil is appearing on shores, and created horrible damage to living organisms in the area and around the area. The British Petroleum Oil Spill effected the ecosystem, human health and created many jobs in the effort to clean up the disaster. The health of the ecosystem and the Gulf of Mexico were effected drastically by the British Petroleum Oil spill. “When the Associated Press recently asked 26 scientists to grade the effects of the spill on about two dozen aspects of Gulf health, they concluded the Gulf was 11 percent less healthy today, dropping from an average 73 to 65 on a scale of 100 to zero” (Schleifstein 1). It is apparent that the British Petroleum Oil Spill has affected the ecosystem 's health conditions drastically compared to the time prior to this tragic incident. It is evident that the ecosystem is less sustainable than before the British Petroleum Oil Spill, proving that the spill was detrimental to the plant and
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