Egoism In Sport : The Best Sport Of The Sport

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Internationally, there have been mixed reactions. Most people express a knowledge and understanding of the contrast between the basic principles of the sport and Maradona’s actions. Even the youngest football fans are aware one ought not touch the ball with one’s wrist. Nevertheless, people - usually not British - find ingenuity in his actions. It has been described by some as the “scandal of the century,” “the hand of a rascal,” and the “most blatant act of cheating ever caught on tape,” whiles others have labelled it the “goals” and “game” of the century. Argentina, led by Maradona, won the prestigious event, and Maradona was named the best player of the tournament, winning the Golden Ball. The incident, however, is referenced till date.
III. Moral Arguments
While analysing comments and reactions, it is apparent that the moral theories of emotivism and egoism are instrumental to the justification of the Hand of God. Egoism proposes people should “act only in their own interest.” According to this theory, all that matters is one’s own good. They believe his actions - “his” and “he” refer to Maradona hereon - are right because it benefitted Argentine football and boosted national pride, especially since they won the tournament. For some, the win serves as vindication for his actions - It had to happen because it was meant to be, i.e., he had to fist the ball because Argentina was meant to win. Patriotic reasoning tends to supersede all other logic, and the focus lies

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