Egyptian Cultural Differences

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Egyptian Cultural Differences
Rochanda Robertson

The cultural differences between the United States and Egypt are high in numbers. Before traveling to Egypt and meeting with potential business leaders, many things must be taken into consideration. There are some things that we as Americans do and say that is considered normal in the U.S. but would be considered abnormal or rude in Egypt. The first step that would have to be taken is to establish a good relationship with my potential Egyptian business leaders. This would have to be done because most Egyptians will only do business with people that they know and respect. According to (Reich) Egyptians like to plan their business meetings out well in advance. Here in the U.S. it’s not …show more content…

The handshake photo should show a looser handshake and the photo should also be in black and white. Egyptians do not shake hands very firmly and I think that using black and white just shows that there’s no color barrier or anything like that. For the photo of the group of people together I think that the photo should have a caption. The caption should suggest that they are all working together using good teamwork. Egyptians respect age and experience

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