Ehrenreich Embarks On A Difficult Journey

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Ehrenreich embarks on a difficult journey, taking us to the society in which we live in. She not only takes us into the struggling lives of hard-working Americans, but she also “opens the window into the daily lives of the invisible workforce that fuels the service economy” (Katherine Newman, the Washington Post). This heroic transformation, middle class to the working class, is vital as it demonstrates the power of solidarity within the workers, which entangles with the pursuit of one’s happiness. Solidarity is “unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards”. With this passion to discover whether anyone can live on the wages available to the unskilled and uneducated, …show more content…

This struggle is unbearing, so, how is it that the uneducated working class is able to survive with low-paid jobs? This new transformation, somewhat, makes Ehrenreich relinquish her titles. Becoming a ‘have not’ instead of someone who ‘has’, she deliberately constructs rules to ensure that she is equivalent to other uneducated or unskilled workers who seek for employment. In conclusion, Ehrenreich was not able to spend some of her hard-earned money into leisure. However, is the pursuit of one’s happiness attainable, for groups of people or partners? Working in a diner as a waitress, Ehrenreich becomes overblown by the living conditions of her coworkers. Unlike her coworkers Ehrenreich allotted herself with $1,300 to commence her journey as an ‘unskilled worker’ and utilizes this money to pay for rent. On the contrary, her coworkers started from scratch and are trying to stabilize themselves in their current dwellings. Basically, certain individuals are unable to pay for a month’s rent for reasons such as transportation (to get to the current job) from their current dwelling, insufficient money to pay first month’s payment and a down payment, or really not enough money to feed their household and pay for rent altogether. Being aware of these dilemmas she realizes that the foundation to one’s survival is by people supporting

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