El Salvador Marxist Analysis

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matter what type of government was imposed. The relations within a nation depend on, “..the stage of development reached by its production an its internal and external intercourse,” (Marx, 4).Therefore, Marx states that the way civilians are treated depends on production of goods and services. Therefore, it can be argued that citizens of El Salvador were subjugated during colonization because of the way cash crops were being exploited. Things slowly began to change when people revolted against this mode of production. Marx would argue that the Salvadoran Civil War began because of materialistic motives such as the change from feudalistic policies to more industrialized ones which is evident in its history. Marx argued that the mode of production…show more content…
In sum, “..circumstances make men just as much as men make circumstances,” (Marx, 12). In regards to El Salvador the land and cash crops along with the relationships between the government and the working-class are what shaped El Salvador's history, which is evident. Therefore, under Historical Materialism, the and political construction of El Salvador is decided by the relationships built on production. During the colonization the political structure was decided through the way money was being produced which was through the subjugation of native Salvadorans. Marx would argue that the subjugation of the native El Salvadorans was because, “The class which has the means of material production at its disposal has control at the same time over the mans of mental production… the ideas of this who lack the means of mental production are subject to it,” (Marx, 15). Thus, the native Salvadorans were the ones lacking mental production and therefore, were subject to it. This changed during the time of industrialization where the working class had more power and no longer was
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