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Elderly Adult Assessment
According to Ruoff, (2002); Brown, Kirkpatrick, Swanson & McKenzie, (2011), “Between 80% and 85% of the elderly living in nursing homes suffer from chronic pain disorders” ( As cited in Lombard, et al., 2015, p.1140). OM is a part of this percentage of elderly that has been living in pain for over ten years. In the first section of this paper, this author will be questioning OM about his perception of pain, and in the second part of this paper, personal reflections about the answers received will be given. This author will also do a detailed assessment of OM living condition and educate him on how to prevent fall by keeping his environment safe.
Descriptive Information of Adult and Home
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OM explained that bending over and lifting heavy objects tend to cause him problems from time to time but it can do nearly all of his activities of daily living without any problems.
Recently during a doctor visit, OM mentioned his constant pain to his doctor and the fact that despite taking his pain medications that have been prescribed to him a long time ago, the pain does not give him any relief. He believed that the pain is getting worse and felt like the medications don’t give him a break that he usually gets. Since he has been seeing the same doctor for a while and has been completing of the same problem, the physician decided to refer him to a pain specialist to provide more help. OM report to me that he has been living with this pain for so long that sometimes he self-medicated with “a beer or two” and sometimes, doing something else like reading, listening to music, doing housework help keep his mind away from the pain.
Even though OM believed that his physicians and nurses are trying their best to help him and genuinely care about him, he still feels that sometimes they do not understand how he is feeling. It is frustrating to him to be looking for so long for an answer, and nobody can help. “After a while, the doctors stop believing you”: he said. OM explained that the doctors think that he is medication seeking and fail to ask questions or pay close attention to his request. He also told me that it is hard for the physicians to be

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