Electronic Information At The Bedside, And Barcode Scanning Essay

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In recent years many innovations have been made to improve qualitative and quantitative aspects in the nursing profession. It is no secret that to accommodate the recent healthcare reform and its elevation of insured individuals, as well as the aging population, the medical industry has had to be more meticulous in improving nursing care and ultimately patient safety. Technological advancements such as the electronic health record (EHR), the electronic medical administration record (EMAR), and a handheld device used for scanning patient armbands and medications were all introduced around 2007, and have facilitated the ability of nursing staff to promote effective documentation, verification, and overall, communication. For this reason, this paper will focus on evidence that demonstrates how electronic documentation at the bedside, and barcode scanning, have improved nursing care and patient safety in various aspects of the health care setting.
When it comes to documentation the mantra of phrases, “If it was not documented, it was not done” resides with many nurses. As Weiss and Tappen (2015) describe, “If a nurse did not ‘do’ something, he or she will be left open to negligence or malpractice charges.” Documentation is of utmost importance, and nurses are taught that the most valuable piece of information that can deter them from possibly losing a lawsuit is in fact, documentation. Nurses must be thoroughly knowledgeable of how the process of documentation works.

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