Elements Of Oral Tradition : Ronald Reagan 's A Time For Choosing

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Elements of Oral Tradition: Ronald Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing”
As a child, being read fairytales each night before bed was my favorite part of the day. It is intriguing as an adult to learn and understand how these stories originated, and that once upon a time they were not written in books, but only spoken. Oral tradition is the original form of communication that is the foundation for our communication structure today. Long ago, the only way to receive, learn, and pass on information, art, ideas, and cultural knowledge was orally from generation to generation. Often times, the oral transmission is through a speech or song and is in a common form of folktale, ballad, or spoken poetry. With oral tradition, there was no writing system …show more content…

Being a great public speaker, Ronald Reagan attacked all of the negative claims made about Goldwater, as well as directly laid out all of the positive reasons why the people of America should choose him for their next president. One of Reagan’s most abundant strengths in this speech is his initial connection with his audience. This is important being that, without an attentive audience, the performance will mean little. Bauman states that among the performance roles, the audience it equally as important as the performer (39). From the mere beginning of the speech, Reagan captivates the attention of the audience and proves to have essence among the people. He alludes that he is one of them. He once was a democrat who has now switched to the Republican Party and is using his talent for public speaking on behalf of Republican politicians.
It is difficult to hold the attention of a crowd without consistently being relative. This speech is relevant to the audience in front of him, and they are dangling on by every word that Reagan is professing. It is evident that Reagan takes pleasure in being able to speak his mind and run wild with it, “but unlike most television programs, the performer hasn 't been provided with a script. As a matter of fact, I have been permitted to choose my own words and discuss my own ideas regarding the choice that we face in the

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