Elie Weinsel's Speech On Indifference

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Elie Weisel who is a nobel peace prize winner, and who is also known for his experience during the holocaust and is also one of the few survivors of the holocaust, delivered a speech in the White House, to talk about the main problem during WWII, and the reason why all those people were suffering. This problem is known as “indifference”. Growing up as a young Jewish boy in Hungary during WWII, Elie Weisel was taken hostage by the Nazis to the most crucial and violent place in history known as “Aucshwitz” which was a concentration camp built by the Nazis to eliminate the Jews. In his speech, Weisel talks about how he was liberated by the American soldiers, and how he should have been happy and grateful, but yet he was not because he also wanted to rescue the rest of those who were suffering and nearly dying from hunger and violence. By looking at the way Weisel expresses his feelings , and the way he argues about the consequences of Indifference, one can see that indifference really was one of the main reasons why WWII scored the biggest number of casualties, which is important because it may result in numerous disasters, such as WWII and also because until this day there are many people in other countries who are in need but yet indifference and ignorance are both standing in the way. Weisel begins his speech by praising the American soldiers who saved him from the nzis, but yet he was not well satisfied because he still thought about those who were not saved, and until
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