Elizabeth Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction

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Extra Credit Reflective Journal Globally, environments are experiencing large numbers of extinctions and loss of biodiversity as a result of human development. In Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction, the author reveals the difficulties of calculating rates of extinction in populated areas with high biodiversity such as rainforests. As a result of tropical deforestation, humans have reduced biodiversity to its lowest level, with theories proposing that fourteen species experience extinction daily (Kolbert 186). The issue of human development is also addressed in an episode of Planet Earth called “Living Together,” which relates agricultural development to the loss of biodiversity. Because agriculture requires environments to be altered …show more content…

In developing countries, many citizens define development as having a quality of life and surviving (citation 19:17). In contrast, societies in western countries often view development as a constant growth in technology, which often has negative impacts on the environment. As a result, the concept of sustainable development has been created to express new methods of evolving as a society without doing any damage to the environment (citation). In order to have economic gains in a country that practices sustainable development, it will be necessary for conservationists to promote tourism. For example, tourists often stay in resorts in Africa to admire wild predators, such as lions (citation). Although the development of resorts may have negative impacts on the environment, tourists contribute large amounts of money to the local communities. Additionally, trophy hunting serves as a reasonable form of sustainable development in countries where citizens are threatened by large predators. For example, in Tanzania, inhabitants have experienced falling victim to lion attacks (citation). Trophy hunting serves as a major form of development in Tanzania because individuals associate a numerical value with large animals (citation). This will result in an increased concern for the populations of these animals, which will promote conservation

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